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Rocky's Doggie Dental Cleaning

We are excited to announce that we are partnering with Raquel from Rocky's Doggie Dental to provide anesthetic-free dental cleaning services!

They will be at our location on Wednesday October 11!

+ Toto's Dog Wash | 9118 Telegraph Rd Downey, CA 

Contact Rocky's Doggie Dental to make an appointment!

+ (747) 224-7026 (text)

+ @rockys_doggiedental (instagram)

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About the Service

Frequently Asked Questions - Answers from Rocky's Doggie Dental

What does this procedure entail?

"I use a manual metal scaler as well as an ultrasonic scaler, both great for breaking away any tartar or plaque then I brush with oral foam for fresh breath to help fight bacteria."

How often should I get this done?

"It is recommended to havde professional dental cleaning evey 6 months."

What should I do at home to help with their teeth cleaning?

"Brush! Using a small toothbrush, apply organic cocount oil or use an oral rinse or oral foam. You can find these Petco or PetSmart."

How long does the procedure take?

"On average, it can take between 30-mins to an hour."

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