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  • How does the Self-Serve Dog Wash work?
    By using our Self-Serve Dog Wash, you give your own dog a bath! We provide: - Aprons for our customers - Towels & Blow-dryers for drying - Tearless Face Shampoo and Body Shampoo (Hypo-allergenic shampoo available for no extra cost for dogs with sensitive skin) - Conditioner - Brushes and combs and - Doggy cologne! Customers may bring their own shampoo and conditioner if needed. Add-ons: - Flea dip - Nail trim - De-shedding shampoo The self-serve dog wash is great for pet owners to save money by giving their dog a bath themselves in between grooms or bath appointments. Sometimes dogs can get into messes at home, their backyard, or on a trip to the beach or park, but you just took them to get a Full-Service Bath or Groom and cannot find a salon to give them a bath so soon or cannot afford to pay for another Full Bath. It is a great way to give your dog a quick wash down. It will not give results equivalent to what professional groomers and bathers can do with your dog for their full-service appointments. It is also great for customers that do not have the space or equipment at home to wash their dog themselves. Customers are given 30 to 45 minutes depending on the weight and breed of the dog. Prices start at $15 to $25 depending on the weight and breed of the dog. (Video coming soon on how to use our self-serve dog wash)
  • Appointments and Walk-ins for Self-Serve
    We take walk-ins and appointments for Self-Serve. We recommend you call or text before coming to our shop to check wait times for self-serve or if we are able to take your dog in for a Full-Service Bath for walk-in that day. If we are busy, we may not be able to respond right away. LAST-CALL FOR SELF-SERVE: 30-mins before closing time. If you still arrive just before the last-call time, we may not be able to take you in if all the tubs are being used or if the wait-time goes past our closing time. SELF-SERVE APPOINTMENTS: We take tub reservations for Self-Serves at 9am only. You must arrive within 10-mins of your reservation (by 9:10am) to keep your reservation, otherwise we will have to give the tub to the next person waiting in line. WAIT LIST: If all tubs are taken and a customer walks in, they can be added to the wait-list and will use the next tub available. In order to get on the wait-list, customers must check-in in person. We will not hold the tubs for callers. We will give a 5-10mins heads up of when the tub will be ready and notify you when it is ready. You must be back within 10 mins. in order to keep your spot in line or we will have to give the tub to the next person waiting. Please note: Google Maps has a feature that shows how busy places are. We have noticed that it is not accurate for our location. Help improve the accuracy by having Google Maps running on your way to our location or running in the background on your phone while you are here!
  • Important Safety Information
    ALL DOGS MUST BE LEASHED OR IN CARRIERS: Your dog must be leashed or in carriers to prevent accidents with other dogs. There is a constant flow of dogs entering and exiting our location. Some dogs are not friendly towards other dogs or people. Please keep your dogs leashed or in carriers. Our Self-Serve stations are gated as well. FLEAS AND TICKS: If your dog has flea and/or ticks, please notify us in advance. In order to prevent fleas and ticks spreading to other dogs, or infesting our shop, flea shampoo must be used. AGGRESSIVE DOGS: If your dog is aggressive towards other people or dogs, you can still use Self-Serve. However, please handle your dogs safely to avoid any accidents. If the lobby is full, please wait outside if you are waiting for a tub, or ask us to clear the lobby if you are trying to leave a self-serve station. SAFE AND PROPER USE OF SELF-SERVE EQUIPMENT: You are responsible for the safe and proper use of all equipment in the self-serve station. By entering our establishment and using the self-serve station, you are responsible for the safe and proper use of the equipment and for the handling of your pet. Warning: Some dogs are less cooperative than others and may attempt to jump out of the tubs. There are leash restraints for your dog, but do not use these if your dog continuously attempts to jump out as they can injure themselves or choke on the leash due to the repeated attempts to jump out. We recommend bringing two or three people if your dog is difficult to bathe.
  • Time Given and Allowed
    30 mins + Small Dogs (Up to 30 lbs) 35 mins + Medium-Large Short Hair (Boxers, Pit Bulls, Dobermans, etc) 40 mins + Medium-Large Long Hair (German Shepherds, Huskies, Akitas, etc) For best use of your time, do not spend more than half the time given washing your dog. Spend half the time washing, and half drying. We will not allow customers to take more time than given in order to prevent longer wait times for other customers. If your dog has medicated shampoo that needs to sit on your dog for a certain amount of time, we can add that to your total time.
  • Dogs Sprayed by Skunks
    We currently do not allow dogs that have been sprayed by skunks to use our self-serve dog wash since the smell will remain throughout the day. Therefore, we do not want to create an unpleasant environment for other customers. We often receive compliments on how our shop smells great :)
  • No-Show and Cancelation Policy
    CHANGES COMING SOON: Due to an increase in no-shows and last-minute cancelations, we will be implementing a new policy that will require a $25 deposit at the time of booking an appointment. Customers must cancel their appointment at least 48-hours in advance to receive a refund on their deposit. No refunds will be given if the appointment is canceled within 48-hours of their appointment. No refunds will be given if the customer does not show up for their appointment (no-shows). Refunds will not be given if the customer reschedules their appointment to a later date. Please show up for your appointment. You will receive text confirmations that your appointment has been booked and reminders as well.
  • Payment Methods
    We accept Credit and Debit cards (tap, swipe, or insert), Google Pay, and Apple Pay. Cards we accept: Visa, Discover, American Express, MasterCard. If paying in cash, please bring exact change. No bills over $20 will be accepted. We do not take Venmo or Zelle.
  • Do we have new owners? When did we open?
    Toto's Dog Wash opened in November 2021. The unit we are currently in had previously been rented by Pet Baths, Toby's Tubs, and Chauffeured Pets. Toto's Dog Wash is not affiliated with or related to the owners of those businesses.
  • Safety Measures to Keep All Pets and Customers Safe
    All pets entering the building must be in a carrier or leashed. If your pet is aggressive towards other dogs or people, please let us know in advance so we can have the waiting area clear and keep them away from other pets being groomed and bathed in our grooming area. Please let us know if your dog has any fleas. We work hard to ensure that our shop is free of fleas to prevent other dogs from attracting them. We have not had any outbreaks or flee infestations at our shop since opening in November 2021.
  • How to Prevent Matting and Knots?
    Matting is a condition in your dog's fur that is caused by dense tangles and knots. It's a painful condition that can lead to other health concerns such as infections or skin irritations and can also mask other health issues or parasites. Mats cut off the air flow in your dog's hair and can trap moisture, which can cause irritation and sores on your dog. Even mild matting can be painful, but in severe cases, matting can cut off circulation to your dog's skin and cause hematomas. In some circumstances, matting may be so severe that you would need to take your dog to a veterinarian for treatment. 1. Completely brush your dog's coat once a week. When you do groom your dog, make sure that you brush the entire coat. Work methodically and brush one section of the coat at a time. It is a good idea to check problem areas first such as behind the ears, under the armpits, the groin, and tummy areas. Groom these areas first if there are no knots, and then divide the rest of the coat into sections and methodically work your way through them. Get into a routine that suits you. This will make it less likely that you'll forget to groom part of your dog's coat. If you have a short-haired dog, you can brush them every other week. If you do find knots, finish the easy part of the groom and come back to the knots. It's possible it might tug a little to get rid of them and this may unsettle the dog so leave it until last and then give him a big fuss and a reward when you finish. If your dog is already matted, do not brush them out. Too much brushing while the dog is matted can irritate their skin. If you give your dog a bath or they get wet, make sure you brush them out immediately. It is also okay to brush them out while they are wet. Not brushing out your dog when they get wet can lead to mats to develop or get worse. 2. Bring your dog to the groomer on a regular basis that is appropriate for the breed Some dogs need togo to the groomer more often than others depending on their breed and coat. Speak with a groomer to discuss how often your dog should get groomed.
  • What to Do When Your Dog is Already Matted
    When your dog is matted, we believe in doing what is best for your dog. In many cases, this means shaving the mats out of your dog. Shaving is not a “short cut” to get the job done quickly, this can be a very slow, tedious and dangerous process. We are working on areas of your dog where skin is thin, likely already irritated and sometimes their hair is being pulled because of tight mats. Removing a heavily matted coat includes risks of nicks, cuts or abrasions due to warts, moles and skin folds trapped and hidden within the matted hair. Therefore, shaving a matted dog must be done slowly with utmost care. Cutting the mats out – Never cut the mats out of your dog's fur with scissors. It's very easy to catch your dogs' skin in the mats and unintentionally create a large wound on your dog. Please do not ask us to just "cut out the mats" when your dog is matted. This is dangerous, and we will only remove mats with clippers for the safety of your dog. Brushing - Many owners who brush their dogs regularly may feel the thick layer of pelted matting under the layer of brushed fur and mistake this for the skin. Your groomer must be able to get a comb all the way down to the skin and through the coat. When the fur is pelted to the skin, it needs to be removed. If you are unable to get a comb through the hair to the skin, chances are we may not be able to either. If your dog has severe pelting, this is not something we can brush out. The matting must be shaved out Sometimes the matting is so severe that we cannot shave it ourselves and will recommend taking the dog to the vet. Shaving a mat out can leave a patch in your dog's fur, but is necessary, even if you do not like how your dog will look. Get the mat removed ASAP before it gets worse!
  • Can You Shave a Double Coated Dog?
    Short answer: NO. We cannot shave a double-coated dog. Shaving a double-coated dog can actually make it harder for them to cool off. Regular brushing improves air circulation and cooling. The best thing you can do for your double-coated breed to keep it comfortable is to have it bathed, brushed, and groomed regularly. Surprisingly – the worst thing you can do is have it shaved or clipped short! A dog’s cooling systems works very differently from the way human bodies work. A dog’s “coat” is nothing like us wearing a coat and taking it off when we are warm. Removing a dog’s “coat” can make them hotter, shed worse, have skin problems, expose them to too much sun, and more. The cycle of hair growing and shedding is set up to work perfectly for dogs and we do a disservice to dogs when we shave them and interrupt that cycle (unless, of course, there is a medical reason to do so.) Some owners of double-coated dogs want to shave them because, one, they think it will prevent shedding, and, two, think it will help cool the dog in the summer. Clipping these breeds short does NOT help with this and can make them shed worse in three months when the coat starts coming back in. The cycle will be out of sync. Also, they still shed – just shorter hair. Shaving these breeds short makes them hotter, their hair insulates them from the heat. Most dogs that are too hot are this way because they are overweight. Excess fat will cause dogs to be hot. Having them regularly groomed to keep packed undercoat is the best option. If you are really concerned buy a cooling mat for your dog to lay on.
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